In Print

Yesterday this magazine came in the post:


Here is my quilt on pages 56-59



The quality of magazine photography is just magnificent. I can almost see every stitch!

When I saw the magnificent quilt on the front cover I couldn’t help but feel that mine was a little inadequate! WOW!

While I’m being quilty, have a look at these hand-dyed fabrics that Flo did this weekend. They almost look edibble.


I can’t wait to use them.


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17 responses to “In Print

  1. Those fabrics *do* look almost edible. Except the blue ones. I have a general rule never to eat anything that’s blue…

    Your quilt? Oo-la-la! How gorgeous. And it looks so beautiful casually draped over the window-seat. I think my Mum gets that magazine, I’ll have to tell her to check it out.

  2. Congrats! Gorgeous quilt and the hand dyed fabrics are beautiful too.

  3. Congratulations Tracey! What does the text say? Is it about you?

  4. The text is about the dalai lama.

  5. Fabulous! Well done – what an achievement!

  6. Great quilt – congratulations on the publication! I really like the photo of the fabrics – makes me want to call in sick and dye some fabrics today!

  7. What a beautiful color combination!

  8. It is gorgeous! I love the pattern AND the colors. And again, I’m jealous of your craftiness. Congratulations!

  9. Beautiful quilt Tracey! Not only talented, but famous as well!

    I would love a beautiful quilt just like that but unfortunately my quilting sister is a PROCRASTINATOR.

    Maybe I’ll just have to take it up myself?

  10. Congrats! What an honour to have your work chosen for publication in a magazine! Get those pages mounted and framed for your wall and extra copies for your kids so they each have a copy!

  11. Yes, Congratulations Tracey!

  12. That makes me happy too cause that is the Oz magazine that I get. It will take a while to arrive in NZ though. I look forward to it. Congratulations on being in print!

  13. Well done. Published – again! The quilt is DEVINE.

  14. Congratulations Tracey! I think your quilt is deserving indeed. It is fabulous. It must be such a thrill, after all your hard work.
    And the dyed fabrics so look luscious!

  15. Well done on yet another publication! Personally, I like your quilt MUCH better than the one on the cover (the cover quilt is just “not my style”. When will you write a book? And those dyed fabrics – yum!!!

  16. Oh your quilt is absolutely stunning. Those colours are so vibrant and beautiful. Congratulations!

  17. yes, the quilt on the front is spectactular.
    but i think what makes your quilt fantastic is that it a relatively simple design (except the very intricate appliques- almost, lacy…?), but is ‘conceptually’ very clever and looks stunning.

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