Day Twelve of Painty Pants

Two weeks ago when I went away on Band Camp my house looked like this.


My Pete has been working very hard for the past two weeks to paint it and make it look like this.


He has been surprisingly clever and worn the same pants each day, with some washes in between! (The title refers to the announcement that he made this morning as he prepared to paint.)

He has been painting for twelve days, in some very tricky places.


It is likely that he will be painting for another two weeks. He is a details person. I see big picture and jump in, stuff it up and then never finish it, but learn from that experience for next time. He is the opposite. He thinks things through carefully, develops a plan of attack and then methodically carries it out to completion. He is never speedy, but whatever he does is done to perfection.

See this? The paintbrush in his hand?


It is an artists’ brush. He is finishing the details of our external house walls with an artists’ brush. He will paint and repaint until it is perfect. If there is even a slight wobble he won’t be able to ignore it. He will find it and fix it.

I don’t even offer my help for jobs like this. I know that I cannot attain the standard required. He is happy to just potter and paint, no matter how long it takes. Before long it will be day twenty-six of painty pants.

If you come to my house please comment on the beautiful paint – you’ll make his day.


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10 responses to “Day Twelve of Painty Pants

  1. It looks gorgeous, but if he keeps wearing the same pants, they will bite his hand off one morning soon when he tries to put them on!

  2. All true artists strive for perfection.

    And didn’t someone somewhere once say ‘clothes maketh a man’?

    What you have there is an ARTIST.

    You lucky thing.

  3. Who needs to see the house for real to comment – I see some artistic talent just waiting for the excuse to burst forth! The house looks fabulous! And I see that the artists brush is necessary!! I’m very impressed.

  4. Fixit and I are ezzackly the same as Pete and you. So I just let him do all that stuff.

    The house looks great, he is doing a wonderful job. And look at all your gorgeous sunshine!!

  5. The house is gorgeous! Wish I were so detailed. I start with great intentions, and then, about half an hour in, I’m getting hyper and want to move on to something else. My MIL loves to refinish furniture and will strip everything down and start over if the slightest flaw is found. Wonder why she never asks me to help?

  6. I wish GOM was like your Pete. I would treasure him.
    GOM is more your crash & burn!
    A work of art, you house painting!

  7. Love the colours!! Lucky you that he is so great. Mind you I am sure with all that concentration to detail – his Painty Pants after 26 days will not be too painty at all!! I wouldn’t be able to walk in painty pants after 5 days they would be so hard with all the paint on them!!!

  8. What a lovely exterior colour!

    Am pleased to read that the painty pants are periodically washed!

    Thanks for popping past my blog & letting me know of your daughter’s sock logic. Unfortunately, my dh still wears socks with sandals (because I think he thinks he looks scholarly!) so am fearful that this is another stage to anticipate for his two beloved daughters! LOL!

  9. h&b

    *You* .. have a gorgeous house .. and a gorgeous husband.


  10. h&b

    P.S. – is your guttering brand-new ?
    Or does he just keep things as perfect as the day they were installed ?

    Guttering is on our list. Ours is holey and in some places held together by electrical tape ….


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