I have returned!

Well. I survived eleven days with 130 teenagers travelling over 4000km on a convoy of three buses. We visited Bundaberg, Harvey Bay, Maryborough, Brisbane, Mt Tambourine, the Sunshine Coast and Rockhampton before arriving home in Townsville yesterday. We had far too little sleep, far too much chocolate and found ourselves laughing constantly.

The kids played in a symphony, concert band, string ensemble, brass ensemble or choir. They performed like professionals everytime they were required to play. It is remarkable to watch them go from  skylarking teenagers to  serious musicians all in the wave of a baton.

We ate roast beef and lasagne in every bain-marie in the state. (that is obviously the cheapest and easiest way to feed 140 ravenous bus travellers.) Our esky was always stocked with corn beef sandwiches and Sara Lee chocolate cake slice for lunch the next day.

We visited Dreamworld, saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and shopped at the Queen Street Mall in Brisbane. My daughter and I successfully purchased a dress for her year twelve formal at the end of the year. We shared and spread a cold right throughout our buses and experienced temperatures far below our comfort zones.

By far the BEST thing that happened…. on the last night while I was on patrol in the neutral zone between the boys and girls dormitories until almost 1am, my daughter completely packed my bag for me and set out some clothes for me to wear on the last day- jeans, shirt, underwear, socks and a jacket. See….she does love me!


PS Thanks for all your comments to my last post. You guys have been prolific while I have been away and I am catching up on hundreds of posts and emails that I have missed. If I haven’t been to visit you yet, I’ll be there soon!


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12 responses to “I have returned!

  1. Welcome back!! And belated happy birthday to your lovely boy, somehow I missed saying that on your last post!

    Sounds like fun despite the cold and the repetitive menu. And how nice of Ash to pack for you.

    But I want to know about the neutral-zone patrols. Did you catch any of them trying to sneak across?

  2. A few catches were made in the neutral zone, but
    “I was just looking for a shop….”
    “I left something in the laundry…”
    “I can’t find my shoe, it may be over there…”
    were the innocent reasons for nocturnal prowling – the hickies in the morning said otherwise!

  3. soozadoo

    It was terrible without my sister for two whole weeks. You were born to be a hall monitor I bet you scared the hell out of them with your teacher voice!

  4. h&b

    I want a corned beef sandwich !!

  5. What a great photo of your daughter! Glad to see you are back & had a great time!

  6. Thought of you travelling about. So glad you had a great time.
    I swear your daughter is so beautiful, it takes my breath away! She is PERFECT!

  7. Ugh! A road trip with teenagers! Surely you have earned a sainthood?

  8. Eleven days with 130 teenagers? and you make it sound like such fun! Obviously with or without the sainthood, you are a saint.

  9. What a lovely daughter you do have!!

  10. There is nothing like bain-marie roast beef and lasagna (I know, I went to boarding school!) You deserve danger money for surviving that.

    Your daughter packed your bags and laid out your clothes? She sounds like the perfect butler! How thoughtful.

  11. Welcome back! We (I) missed you. Glad you had a good time, I love the “too much chocolate” comment.

    That’s all a good holiday needs, in my opinion.

  12. Welcome back.

    The neutral zone between the boys and girls brought back memories of a school trip in early high school. We all had rooms in a motel that was 2 or 3 stories built in a U shape. Boys on one side and girls on the other. Some of the boys were very daring and were dancing around in their undies in front of the glass sliding doors to show off for the girls.

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