The Top Ten

My sisters and  I are in the habit of ranking things into our own personal top ten. You may think that I mean music – yes we do that a lot, but we will rank anything. We have top ten vegetables – roasted zucchini has just edged its way into my top ten, favourite episodes of Buffy – the singing one is in there; we will truly rank anything.

When one of us says, “You know, this is in my top ten.” It brings a hush to the group as we all nod sagely. It is a very big statement to make and is given its due respect. This does not mean that you will not be mocked for a top ten selection – who put choko in their top ten vegetables? In truth our top tens probably contain twenty to thirty items. We never ever nominate the whole list, we just say when something is in the top ten. The highest accolade of all is to be nominated as being in the top five. This is our ultimate tribute and is taken very seriously.

We never suggest a number one for any list. We are much too egalitarian for that. We don’t want to hurt the feelings of the other thirty items on the top ten list. We don’t want to make that commitment. Our lists are very fluid, items pop in and out all the time depending on mood, whim or even weather.

Recently both of my sisters made top five nominations for their song list. I think that both songs are ipod worthy, but they don’t appear in my top ten.

I however, after some serious reflection, feel that I am able to nominate a number one on my song list. This has never been done before. In true Morrison fashion there are two songs which take the number one position, but both come from the same album, so that is just fine. The number one position is gained because both of these songs have been in my life for a very long time (they were released in the year of my birth). I am never disappointed to hear these songs, but I don’t have to listen to them constantly either, they are not a fad. They make me cry when I am sad, they make me smile when I am happy. They are unique in the world of music and untouchable. (Despite sacrilegious uses of one song by an advertising campaign!) Sussanah, who loves a cover, sent me looking for this version by Ben Kweller – who happens to be in my top five male singers not in a band. A nice blend of two lists.

What is in your top ten? Or even top five? DO you dare to nominate a number one?


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12 responses to “The Top Ten

  1. twolimeleaves

    Oh Tracey this really cracks me up! I noticed you guys doing this the other night and I do it too (by myself). My top ten list of songs is probably about a hundred songs long. The one thing that they all have in common is that they hit me hard emotionally.
    Elton John : Someone Saved My Life Tonight, Tiny Dancer
    Percy Sledge: When A MAn Loves A Woman
    Lennon/McCartney: Golden Slumbers
    Lou Reed: Sweet Jane
    Jeff Buckley: Hallelujah
    Elvis Costello: Veronica
    Van Morrison: Have I Told You Lately, Sweet Thing (Often my No 1)
    I’ll shut up now…

  2. twolimeleaves

    PS forgot to say how much I love the Beach Boys songs, too. Not a huge Beach Boys fan but you have nailed the two best songs. They mean a lot to me – Peter and I played this album incessantly for the first few weeks of our marriage so they have great associations as well as being beautiful beautiful songs 😀

  3. That is so funny about having 30 items (or so) in your Top 10. Are you Libran by any chance? I’m also amazed that after all that loud, Triple J music you’ve linked us to over the blogs that The Beach Boys come in at Number One and Number One. Did not see that coming AT ALL!

    I couldn’t possibly nominate, (unless we started categorising [top 10 singing songs, top ten dancing etc) but I have opbserved at tap classes that if I ever play some Neil Diamond from the Hot August Night soundtrack, everyone looks happy. And starts toe-tapping and singing. Who’da thunkit?

    Kirsty, I love “Veronica” too, and amazingly, just last night (!!) I was thinking I should download to the ipod and of course, iTunes don’t have it! rats.

  4. soozadoo

    I see ‘top ten’ as a concept not as a strict numerical term, that’s why it is so fluid. There’s reason to this process we love so much,

  5. We have top 10’s and Top 5’s around here too. Top 10 places we are glad we don’t live. Top 10 meals. Top 10 songs. Top 5 famous people we are allowed to ‘sleep with’ if the opportunity arose (Heehee) – the list goes on. You have to do these things. Makes life more interesting hey?

  6. I just bought a second hand copy of the Beach Boys’ album, Pet Sounds the other day. “God only knows” has been playing in my car over and over for at least a week now.

  7. Top ten songs would be very hard for me to pin down. I find I can’t remember them off the top of my head very well. I’m more likely to be able to look at my music collection and name a favourite song from each album – if I did this I may then be able to par it down a bit. I’m much better at naming my top ten books – but I still have to stand in front of my bookshelves! I have a very bad long term memory 😉

    Though a song that really effects me at the moment is by Neil and Tim Finn “Won’t Give In” (from their album Everyone is Here). It was used in the Love My Way TV series. I have calmed down lately and can listen to it without crying – just.

    Like twolimeleaves said – I’m not a big BB devotee but those two songs are definitely very good.

  8. h&b

    Oh wow !
    I’ve missed you and wondered where you’d gone – I must update my bloglines !!!

    Looks like a fair bit of catching up on your blog for me !

  9. I have so many top tens! I guess that means I am old!haha.
    I just keep collecting them.
    Beach Boys never get old!

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  11. Top 10? just 10?!? Nope, probably top 30 songs- and they’d vary according to the day you asked!

    That said – remember Courtney who was on Australian idol a few years back – he did a version of God Only Knows that just MELTS MY HEART! Great song.

    Yep – I’m another fan of Evlis Costello’s Veronica – but am currently earwormed by Accidents Will Happen and Oliver’s Army as well; and of course – I could make a top 10 just of Billy Bragg songs…

  12. I’m a bit like Nutmeg – I have a terrible memory when it comes to recalling favourite things off the top of my head…but when I hear or see something I’ll remember that I love it. Our bookclub went through a phase of rostering someone each month to present their “Top Ten Books” list. It was agonising for me to select as I had at least a top 30.

    Haven’t stopped to register ‘God Only Knows’ before, but now I know everytime I hear it, I’ll remember I love it. Beautiful song.

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