Let it Never Be Said That Romance is Dead

On the weekend I found this beautiful expression of love in our local paper.


He loves her with his heart and his foot. How romantic? unnecessary? dirty?

My Pete thinks that it might be an acronym something, maybe sending our love eternally or single ostriches love elephants or shaved orangutans like eggs (my son’s contribution) or silly old loser entymologist (a whole family effort; it’s fun, fun,fun here).

In other romantic news….Sussanah put my wedding photo on her blog today. Her blog entry spoke about her glory in the eighties and yet she chose to illustrate her point with my photo. Admittedly she did say I was pretty, but she neglected to show her own photo. I shall now rectify this for those commenters who were howling at the injustice of her photo selection. Note: I have naturally curly hair, she however, has a PERM.

I notice, in this photo of her dancing with our paternal grandfather, that she has let her enormous puffy sleeve get a little crushed. This is not good. We spent a good deal of time at my wedding ensuring that our sleeves had just the correct amount of puff. She, it seems, has let us down and this moment has been captured for posterity.

The title of this post comes from the first line of this song.


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10 responses to “Let it Never Be Said That Romance is Dead

  1. soozadoo

    I just didn’t have any photos of me, no other reason for not putting that coral pink frock out there, I LOOK DAMNED FINE – Molly Ringwald eat you heart out

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  3. Oooh, backless coral pink chiffon with puffy sleeves. Noice.

    I may be going out on a limb here but I think 99.95% of all love messages published in newspapers are likely to be be either tacky or laughable.

  4. twolimeleaves

    AAAGGHH!!! I wore those same dangly flowers in my hair when I was bridesmaid for my sister-in-law (around about the same year). My bridesmaid FROCK (never a “dress”, it’s FROCK) was sugar pink poly satin. With nylon lace.

  5. I have a simialr photo to this one and will go looking. I have purple taffeta dress NOICE.


  6. soozadoo

    HEY! Don’t MOCK the FROCK!
    It was never about the frock people, it was the SHAVING IN THE SINK that ruined the magic, NOT the FROCK!

  7. I love that your lippy and eyeshadow match your frock. Style sister, style. Oh, and love that fascinator!!!

  8. Heh my sister had that same exact hairstyle.

  9. Perhaps he is marrying a fish?

  10. I looked at that photo and thought, Whoa, a December-March marriage. That’s cool.

    Just kidding.

    Love the dress. I had one just like it in salmon pink. Those were the days, no? I read yesterday that perms would never come back in. I don’t know why. I loved my perm…all two days it lasted in the humidity that surrounds Sydney!!

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