Global Warming?

I don’t think so! It seems to me that we entered an ice age…on Thursday. We were enjoying days of 28 degrees C (82F) then without warning Thursday was only 18 degrees C (64F). That is 5 degrees (9F) below our June average. Absolutely ridiculous.

 I HATE the cold. I cannot even describe to you the foul mood which cold weather provides me. Talk to the members of my family and they will gladly tell you. I HATE the lack of humidity that goes with it too. I have spiral curls that turn to frizz. My skin looks like a reptile’s skin. I get static electricity build up that leaves me terrified to touch any conductive object. I feel constricted by wearing too many clothes. I always have cold toes, fingers and nose that simply will not warm up. I don’t want to get out of the warm cocoon that I create in my bed under my three quilts. I hate that the house becomes stuffy because the fresh air is too damn cold to let into the house. I hate that the sun has gone down by 5:45pm.

Luckily this weather doesn’t usually last for longer than a week or so in the tropics. Lucky for those that have to survive my mood. I could never live any where south of here.

Now I come to the great winter con… a warning to all, heed it carefully.

I went to do the grocery shopping with my children- fuel to a winter mood! My daughter found some hot chocolate that she would like to buy. Good idea in this cold weather. It was $6.00, but I agreed. It came in a nice tin and I am a sucker for packaging like that.

 SO…. we took it home and opened it, just look what was inside

It’s just melting chocolate! This is available in the cooking aisle for about one third of the price! Clever, evil marketing genius has caused me to pay $4.00 for a TIN!

It does make a delicious chocolaty drink, but I would suggest that you buy the cheap stuff, so as not to feel bitter as you drink it. Put a cube or two of melting chocolate into half a cup of milk and heat it in the microwave for one minute to melt it, then top it up with cold milk. You had best use low fat milk though, it will even out the calories.

Oh, and who is the winner of my raffle??? Whose name came out of the hat? (I could use the $4.00 tin as a raffle ticket holder I guess) 

 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (drum roll)

Wow, she turned a significant age and won a raffle in the same week. Her cup is brimming over…but not with expensive hot chocolate.


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12 responses to “Global Warming?

  1. I love the cold…although after your long and very convincing list…perhaps I don’t? NO…I do. I really do. I love to wear my boots. And my leather jacket. I love to be able to wear my hair down all day every day and not be hot. I love wearing slippers. I love the coolest, wet sensation against your face when outside and a gentle breeze blows….I love ‘snuggling’ with the kids and Alex. And the cats…their coats thicken and they have cold noses. I love my coffee even more. I love soups. I love parshonto’s (that’s my name for a grown up poncho). Yep, I love the cold.

  2. I can’t believe that chocolate – what a rip off! From now on you can buy the chocolate bits and store them in the tin!

  3. Kath

    Have to agree about the winter – I just turn cranky in the cold and I look foul in a jumper. I’m constantly trying to keep jumpers on the kids and always manage to lose my slippers from the previous year. Kids at school go feral and I’m sure they stop bathing because of the cold. Jen, you can have your gentle breeze and the ‘cool wet sensation’, but I’ll happily keep your sexy jacket..

    The only thing I like about winter is dragging out the blankies and quilts from the cupboard.

    Serve myself right for lurking and not commenting – didn’t stand a chance of winning your beautiful pink one..

  4. Congratulations to Stomper! That is such a lovely quilt!

    Afraid I love the cold too! I hate summer when my hair remains wet, & plastered to my neck all day, & I just drip from every pore.

    Do agree about winter clothes though- hate most of them!

  5. twolimeleaves

    You already know how I feel about this beautiful, perfect, heavenly, lovely, GORGEOUS weather, don’t you??

  6. Tell me about the cold!!! (I just did a quick post on it myself!) Last night it fell to like 11.7 degrees here. In warm tropical Cairns! Ha. Even today it seems freezing. No wonder we moved up here from Melbourne. My toes are cold. I hate cold toes.

    Like you, I too fell for the hot chocie ‘Heaven’ tin. With bloody melting chocolate in tin. And the amount it tells you to use it will be gone in about 6 cups. Next time, I’m just going to buy chocolate melts. Half the price.

    (And yes, there is a great little craft/quiting store at the Showgrounds complex – worth having a peek at, it is very pokey though – you’ve been warned.!)

  7. What has happened to the peppermint patchers? Only Jeannie (good old girl) turned up on Wednesday night. Jeannie wants to do it at her place this coming wednesday, but is anyone else going to go? Perhaps the cool weather is putting everyone off. Love the hot pink quilt Tracey, it is gorgeous. Also my Sister Peita will be up here end of July, will it be possible to pick up her Teddy quilt before then, as she will make me bind it for her. Cheers the crabby dweller

  8. Oh how I here you with the whole cold thing! The hair thing , the feeling constricted with too many clothes the blue fingers and toes.
    HAAAAAAAATE it all!! I remember being pushed to go to a school camp in the snow many years ago and being told ” You will love it!”
    I freakin hated it!! Spent the whole time crying and trying to thaw myself out in front of any undercover, open fire and thinking it would have been warmer and cheaper to just stay at home in my freezer.
    The whole experience was just dumb!
    I use sorbelene for my snake skin.

  9. Peta

    On the bright side you don’t shave your legs for a few months…

  10. Oh my god, Crafty just popped in to pick up her kids and told me I’d won!!! I’m so excited. Must have been a bit of birthday luck in the air. Yay!

    $4 is okay for a nice tin, I reckon…

  11. Top of 11 degrees here today – I HATE the cold too!! Though we do have central heating, hand knitted socks and extra doonas. I like being warm when it is cold – I hate being cold!!! I want to move your way anyway!!

  12. h&b

    Oh crap !

    Wish i’d caught up on your blog sooner .. I just ordered a tin of that stuff from ColesOnline today, to be delivered tomorrow !! ( I too am a sucker for a tin 😉

    And hello – the hatred of the cold ? I must have been channelling you when I wrote my own similarly-themed post.

    Strange days 🙂

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