An Almost Weekly Event

 My son is four years younger than my daughter.  For all intents and purposes, she has finished growing. Her feet have been the same size for five years. She still wears clothes that she bought four years ago.

My son, on the other hand, is growing like a weed. His feet are enormous, he needs new shoes every six months. His wrist hang out of last year’s long sleeved shirts and half his leg shows in last year’s long pants.

He is just a fraction shorter than his sister now. He checks frequently in eager anticipation of the day when he has to look down to meet her eye. It will be a very special day for him, but I’m not too sure that she will remember it so fondly.

She has always taken a very motherly role toward him. In fact, a downright bossy role. He delights in watching her rant about him making her late. He wanders the house searching for a lost shoe, at an aching slow pace, as she melts down into a full rant. I see the sly smile cross his face as she starts to bluster. She has never quite worked out that her best option is to walk away. I have tried to tell her, but I think that she often enjoys the opportunity for a justified rant.

I wonder how his height will change the relationship. I intend to just sit back and watch the dynamic change.

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10 responses to “An Almost Weekly Event

  1. If it’s anything like the relationship I had with my brother she will BACK RIGHT OFF when he is flexing his Bigger muscles. And then when he’s used to being bigger and old enough not to be physically unreliable, she will go back to ranting at him…

    Great photo of your 2 beautiful kids by the way.

  2. My (younger) brother overtook me at about 14, and didn’t stop til he reached 6’4″!

  3. soozadoo

    I am more concerned that he will ever grow into his GIANT feet than I am about the inevitable surpassing of Miss A.

  4. Great pic 🙂 I have a funny feeling my son will eventually tower over me.

  5. twolimeleaves

    Ditto for me for Fairlie’s comment. My brother was a short round boy until 14. He turned into a stick insect overnight! It did change our relationship. I can see in hindsight that that was when I started viewing him as an equal.

  6. I am short 5’2″ and I have 3 younger (and much taller) brothers. I was a totally bossy big sister. tell your daughter to keep her nails sharp and she will rule forever – it worked for me!

  7. He has such a cheeky face, your boy.

    Tell your daughter not to worry if he overtakes her, the bigger he gets, the bigger the target becomes. The bigger the target, the easier it is to hit. 🙂

    I have a brother too…

  8. Physical stature isn’t what really counts. He’s probably enough of a gentleman that he would’nt use his greater height against her. She can still be an intellectual giant…..

  9. My baby brother towers above me now, and yet there are enough years between us that I remember changing his nappy. In my dreams he is still small, I moved out of home during his crucial shooting up years, and I still find it confronting seeing this tall handsome man as my baby brother!
    I was also incredibly delighted when I overtook my big (and bossy) sister in height. She has the last laugh though, as noone can tell who is the oldest, my how the worm has turned.

  10. Lesley

    Your two sound just like my two, except there are 10 years between mine, boy 13 has just topped 176cm (5ft9in, size 11 shoes) and doesn’t look like stopping any time soon, daughter 22 is jealous of his height, being 172cm herself. It makes me feel minuscule when they stand beside me (164cm). But I know when he matures a little, sister will be grateful for the protection he will offer her if needed. The look on your son’s face says it all.

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