Today we pulled out some winter clothes so that my son could wear them to the movies. Twelve months ago we were turning a cuff on his jeans because they were too long for him. Look at them now…

I guess we’ll be going shopping this week. The problem is that he is so skinny that even these very short jeans are too big around the waist – he cannot jump without holding tightly to his waistband.

I hope that he slows down soon or that three-quarter length denims suddenly become this season’s must-have item.

A teaser – look over to your left and you will see that this is my 97th post. Pretty good! You will want to be here for my 100th post. I have some exciting stuff planned.


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14 responses to “Streeeetch

  1. Fairlie

    I have the same issue with both my girls’ jeans – I’ve managed to convince them that 3/4 pants are sooooo in. (May not be so easy to do that with a boy)

  2. computerpeach

    I have that problem with my son and daughter. I am glad we are moving to Hawaii for three years so that they can just wear shorts all the time.

  3. Molly

    Buy him a pair of braces, and a straw hat—he can wow the girls at school with his farmer chic!

  4. caramaena

    Same problem here with my boy. At least when you’re almost five, it’s ok to have elastic waist and adjustable waist pants.

  5. Stomper Girl

    You’d think you could find long-legged skinny boy jeans. Every bloody pair of pants I try on has ridiculously long legs, even the so-called “short-leg” styles. My legs aren’t that short. *harumph*

    Hope he is a good shopper….

  6. Sussanah

    look at those boats, I mean feet

  7. My float

    Don’t they grow so quickly!

    We have the same problem with the skinny waist. He’s three – size two pants are too short but fit nicely around the waist, and size three pants fall off him. That’s why summer is so great – just shorts and swimmers!

    Looking forward to your 100th post.

  8. meggie

    SG is so thin, he is still fitting into some size 2 pants. They were extra long. Even elastic waists fall off him.
    Teenage boys hands & feet seem to grow first, thent he rest of them catches up! haha.

  9. crabshack dweller

    I wish that I had the problem

  10. Aunty Evil

    yay on your 97th! will be here for the 98th, the 99th and the 100th. After that, we will see…


  11. crabshack dweller

    I guess that now I am out of the closet. Nothing like a gentle shove!

  12. nutmeg

    That is one hell of a growing season there! Well, you do live in North Queensland I suppose…

    Your doing well on the posts – your 100th has got me very intrigued.

  13. caramaena

    stomper – you and I both there. The only pants labelled short-leg that I actually believe are Target brand. Everything else is ridiculously long.

  14. Tracey Petersen

    Fairlie – he may not be fashion wise, but I don’t think he’ll agree to just wearing them
    computerpeach – we only wear long pants for about 6 weeks each year because we a sooks in the tropics
    molly – you made me laugh and him indignant at the suggestion
    caramaena – still friends of elastic at 12, it’s better than your pants falling down
    stomper – so true, he is the sort of shopper who just says ‘this will do, can I go look at computers now?’
    sussanah – huge and flat
    my float – last year I made him stop earing size 6 because he was 11
    meggie – I know what you mean about hands and feet, it is very odd
    crabshack dweller – (may I call you crabby?) no closet could contain you for long! Welcome!
    aunty – indeed, you will see!
    nutmeg – 98 up for viewing now, won’t be long til 100

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