Jen tagged me to answer a four quiz. I feel a little exposed doing this because I am essentially a very boring person. This doesn’t really bother me, it rather delights me to be so. I am the sort of person who will order the same meal at a restaurant each time that I visit. If it was good last time, then it must be good this time. I don’t need to get something different because maybe it won’t be good. I eat the same food for lunch each day – a ham and lettuce sandwich when I’m working, and the same thing for afternoon tea – a small box of sultanas, dried pineapple and dried pawpaw. I liked it yesterday, so I’ll surely enjoy today and again tomorrow. If it isn’t broken then don’t mess around with it!

So I have to say four different things each time, hey…are you sure that one won’t do…it’s my favourite one….I’ve always loved it…OK here goes

1. Four favourite jobs – OK I’ve failed already. I haven’t had four different jobs that I could call favourites. I have been a primary school teacher for a long time. I studied for it, I earned it, I never have felt the need to let it go. I am a quilter. I started my own business as a machine quilter. I enjoy this, but it can be a bit lonely, though I do love to see a quilt when it is finished. I teach quilting to ladies at the local quilt store. I enjoy this and have quite a few regulars that I look forward to seeing each week.

2. Four of my favourite local places – my house, specifically my studio. This is my space and I love to create in here. The Strand, just beautiful. It made the whole world of difference to this town. The walking path around the Ross River. A fantastically restful place to exercise. Balgal Beach, it used to be unknown, but it is starting to be quite popular.

3. Four of my favourite foods – sushi (especially tofu and satay chicken (lunch every Tuesday)). Turkey, cranberry, lettuce and avocado sandwiches on multi-grain bread. Lean pork chops with roasted pumpkin and onion. Duck, once I had a duck salad at a local restaurant that was damn fine! (Sussanah will mock my bland selection, but I could eat this menu each day and be the happiest girl alive)

4. Four international places I have been or would like to visit – I went to the US on 21st of September 2001. We had tickets to stand at the top of the twin towers and would have been there one month to the day that they fell. It was a very stressful trip for a person who is as anxious as I am. I did love Washington DC because of the Smithsonians. I loved Hawaii because the sun was warm and that always picks up my spirits. I loved Rotarua in New Zealand. It was so different to every thing that I know and was so fascinating. I was there without my Pete though and I would like to take him back there. Of course next year I intend to go to Paris, if only to get time to be with my girl. But I have wanted to go there for so long, I want to stand at the Eiffel Tower and be in the presence of a Renoir, Van Gough and Da Vinci.

I tried and tried to think of a song about four to go with this. I already used Four Winds a few posts ago, damn! So I went with a song about forty. (Stomper be brave and look at it! It is a little bit naughty.) I’m sure that everyone will be able to tell me fabulous ‘four’ songs and I will kick myself for not thinking hard enough.


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5 responses to “Four….Forty…

  1. kirsty

    So cranberry sauce isn’t red then?!

  2. meggie

    That is a very interesting list!
    GOM tends to stick to what he likes for food out. I have had some disasters, as I tend to try different items.

  3. nutmeg

    I am like you with the food ordering at restaurants – if I’ve been there before I tend to gravitate to the same dish again (only if it was good last time of course!) If it’s a new restaurant it takes me an age to choose my dishes. But if they get it right I am a repeat customer for sure.

    And I have only ever had four jobs and I wouldn’t call any of them my favourite – I would call one of them my “most preferred” though 😉

    And it always freaks me out when I read “but only for a matter of a day, a week, a month…” I would have been…. on 9/11. It shows how “global” our world is these days.

  4. Stomper Girl

    I liked Hawaii too! I checked out your naughty forty song despite the fact that the males of the house have exceeded my monthly download limit and Youtube is ruined for me until June 1st.

    I never think “boring” when I come here by the way.

  5. h&b

    I could have written your food list 😉

    I was at the Twin Towers almost a year to the day before they fell.
    I think often about the lovely cafe we ate breakfast in afterwards, and the beautiful atrium there.

    You will love Paris 🙂

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