Matilda Station and Self Congratulaions

I have just finished quilting a Matilda Station quilt for a client. I was quite excited to get the opportunity to quit this quilt. I haven’t done a large applique quilt since I got my new machine. I found it a breeze to stitch around the animal shapes with accuracy, although it was time consuming to do so many stops and starts. I filled the backgrounds with lots of curly shapes because it had a quirkiness to it.

Curly wool around the sheep.
Little bugs flying amongst the chickens
Cows amongst the flowers
A few posts ago I mentioned that I had sent a quilt away to the Down Under Quilts calendar challenge. I am pleased to say that my quilt was selected to be included in the 2008 calendar. I received a letter yesterday congratulating me and giving me the good news. I had begun to think that I had missed out this year because they had 54 entries.

Once again, life is good.


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12 responses to “Matilda Station and Self Congratulaions

  1. Aunty Evil

    The quilt looks great! Congrats on the calendar too!!

    You should do a quilt to mark this stage of your life, and call it “everything’s coming up roses”.

    Awww, can you tell it’s late? I better shut up now, I’m way too corny.

  2. Stomper Girl

    Yay you!!

    Of course, I knew they would pick you.. Your quilts always look fab. Even to a non-quilter person.

  3. caramaena

    Congrats on the calendar! Those quilts are gorgeous btw 🙂

  4. meggie

    Congratulations for the Calendar!

    You have quilted that beautifully, I love the curly bits.

  5. nutmeg

    Well done on the calandar entry – I will have to look out for said calandar – are they easily available?

    And I love your background detail, especially the the swirly bugs behind the chickens (Oh, I’ve got the quilting jargon down pat I think, NOT ha ha!)

  6. Fairlie

    Woo hoo! Congratulations on the calendar.

    Your quilt is fantastic – I especially like the curvy quirky bits behind the sheep.

  7. Sussanah

    ooooh yeah baby, you are now to be adressed ONLY as “Tracey Internationally published award winning quilter”

  8. riseoutofme


    You won’t let fame go to your head now, will you?

    You won’t stop penning posts now, will you?

    ‘Cos if you do ….

    I’ll be very disappointed.

    And you wouldn’t want that now, would you?

  9. Waterfall Manor quilts

    Hey tracey congrats from one longarmer to another ,its a buzz to win a prize of any sort..

    my other comment is wait till you have done 5 or 6 matildas..the little quirky background fillers are a nightmare..haha..cheers Pat
    Waterfall Manor Quilts.xx

  10. Caitlin

    Fabbo quilting, T!
    And SUPER CONGRATULATIONS on the DUQ calendar – well done!

  11. Tracey Petersen

    aunt evil – a very high corn factor has been detected in that comment!
    stomper – thanks!
    caramaena – thanks to you too!
    meggie – the curly bits are my favourite too (that sounds rude)
    nutmeg – I’ll provide a link to the calendar when it is published
    fairlie – thanks
    sussanah – what else do you call me?
    rise out of me – my head shall remain at its present gargantuan size
    pat – oh yes, I could see the potential for exhaustion quite easily
    caitlin – thanks

  12. My float

    Congratulations on the calendar. Those quilts look absolutely beautiful. Do you sell?!

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