A New Blogger

My sister Sussanah is an amazing woman. She is loving and kind to all around her. She has such generosity that she will literally give away all of her own belongings, and several things that belong to me, to complete strangers. She makes me laugh constantly with her quick wit and astounding vocabulary . She has a razor sharp tongue that could reduce you to tears, but she would never do that. She has an amazing ability to sum up a situation in just a few short words when others have been wondering and unable to work it out. She is a fabulous aunt to my children, she will drive across town to get them anything that they desire, just because they want it.

She is married to a lovingly neurotic man, who knows that danger lurks around every corner, and together they are raising two children. Their children show a lust for life and an ability to find humour everywhere that they have inherited from their mother. She has an intelligence that is astounding, she actually knows what is going on in the whole world at any one time – I’m certain of it! She can offer you her opinion on everything, because we know she has one. She reads without fatigue and in such a variety of subjects that she is a fabulous conversationalist.

Saying all of those wonderful things has made me somewhat nauseous. so I will temper them with some warnings:

1 – don’t ever lend her a book, and if you ever stay in a motel in Cairns, ask them if they found my daughter’s first run copy of The Prisoner of Azkaban left behind circa 2005.

2 – don’t let her borrow a DVD on your video shop card, I’m still paying off the Gilmore Girls fine.

3 – don’t expect that you will be able to find a spot for your feet if you sit in the passenger seat of her car, by the time you have pushed all the diet coke bottles to the side you will have reached your destination

You may have noticed that for sometime my sister, Sussanah, has been attempting to hijack my blog. (and those of her friends) She has been making song requests and leaving insults disguised as comments.

She has finally succumbed to the peer pressure around her and started her own blog. Go there, I know you’ll find her a wonderful blogger. Maybe if we visit and leave comments for her she will be able to sustain her attention for longer than ten minutes!


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7 responses to “A New Blogger

  1. Stomper Girl

    Ooooh wooo-oooo-woooo.

    I choreographed a routine to that song once, featuring french maids playing air guitar on their feather dusters. It was a smash!

    Oh and I’ve popped over and said hi.

  2. Anonymous

    But I’m your favourite… I’m not going to leave my name because you really should know who this is!

  3. Sussanah

    holy dooley, did you put ecstacy on your weetbix????
    love you

    ps – Hey I told Ashleigh to flash the nerdy video ezy boy some clevage to knock off that Gilmore Girls fine so blame her!!!

  4. precious pink pumps

    and to add to your list about Sussanah…..she NEVER makes enough food when she cooks….NOT!
    THe woman seriously overcaters everytime. love her dearly x

  5. Anonymous

    He cut me free movies cause I had to pay the fine.
    You owe me $2.

  6. precious pink pumps

    oh yeh, and she makes a great mix tape. xxx

  7. meggie

    Tracey, I tried to leave your sis a message, but it would accept or work for me?
    Anyway, being challenged as I am, by computers, I will just say I will return.
    But I will never forsake you!

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