Hair of Red

Last night my Pete dyed my hair for me.

I used to get it done at the hair dressers, but it was costing over $150, then they would want to see me again six weeks later. When I thought about it, that works out to be $25 per week!!! I was spending that amount on petrol each week and thought it was expensive. So I decided that I would just buy the supermarket hair dyes that are about $15-$20 and let my Pete dye it for me.

My Pete is very particular and very focussed on details. When we painted our house he used an artists’ brush to finish all the edges. He is an absolute perfectionist and thinks nothing of spending seven hours on one wall. He may not be speedy, but I know the job will be finished to exacting standards. I knew that he would not do a dodgy dying job on my hair. When I go to have a hair cut the hairdresser always comments on the great job that he has done.

Part of the fun of having him do my hair has always been the side show that he puts on. The particular brand of dye that I buy supplies a pair of gloves. These gloves are too small for my Pete’s man-hands. He always has a rant about them. It is hilarious.

“Who has hands this small? These gloves are made for pre-pubescent girls! How am I supposed to put these on? F@#*!” (That last comment is the point where his giant thumb tears through the plastic glove.)

Of course I offer him my sympathies, I need my hair dyed after all, but inside I am chuckling to myself. It is one of the primary reasons that I ask him to dye my hair.

Yesterday we opened the box of dye and discovered that a new type of plastic glove has been packaged. A large plastic glove. One that fits a man-hand.

“Well. Look at this. A glove that finally fits. Isn’t that great, now I won’t tear through it.”

Quite frankly I was disappointed – a nice hair job, but no show.

A fabulous song about hair dying.


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11 responses to “Hair of Red

  1. Stomper Girl

    I suppose I’ll have to face this sort of thing in the near future when the greys take over but for the moment I will just say, (somewhat smugly): “natural redhead over here”….

  2. Sussanah

    Hmmmm large glove did you perhaps get the drag queen hair dye?

  3. Tracey Petersen

    HEY! You guys are banned from my blog!!

    You cheeky buggers.

  4. precious pink pumps

    Is Pete up for starting a business on the side? I reckon he sounds pretty damned good and I would be up for a colour done by “that fella in Annandale” for 30 bucks rather than sell my soul to the funky 15 year old with too much eye make up. Aside from that…how on earth do you manage to ONLY spend $25 on petrol per week? Do you run to work?

  5. h&b

    All the better to retain your anonymity…. 😉

    Nice bloke you’ve caught there !

  6. Princess Banter

    That sounded like fun — I always enjoyed the time when my ex-roommate would ask me to dye her hair. Those were probably included in the few times we’ve had great conversation… while sniffing the smell of peroxide 😉

  7. meggie

    I enjoyed the idea of the show!
    GOM has been guilty of overacting lately- scaring our small grandson!
    My dealings with hair dye have mostly been disastrous, & the linen cupboard door still bears the scars! Dont ask!

  8. kirsty

    It just so happens that I bought some dye to do my own hair a couple of days ago. Does Monsieur Pierre have an appointment free this afternoon??
    And, Precious Pink Pumps, I know the answer to the petrol question – live in a SMALL place! A tank of gas lasts me about a six weeks in Hughenden (Western Queensland). But it does take a whole tank to drive to civilisation 😉

  9. Molly

    Guess i’m lazy, or fatalistic! My long ago experiments with hair colouring were fiascos. Ergo,the natural look for me, even if its white….

  10. caramaena

    I usually manage to eke out a fortnight on one tank – which costs about $40 to fill. It does help to live 10 minutes drive from where you work though.

    I love the hair dye colour you use 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    A fabulous photo i took of the back of your head ‘ey?


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