My Quest

My quest for a decent photo of the elusive Ulysses butterfly that lives in my backyard continues. Today I took this

Pretty damn fine photo! But I stood still for SO long to take it that my arms hurt form the wieght of the camera and I may have some sunburn! Steve Parish, I am in awe of you!


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6 responses to “My Quest

  1. meggie

    I applaud your tenacity Tracey! It is very hard to capture a butterfly on camera. You did well!

  2. Fairlie

    Fantastic photo! It’s so hard to get anything that moves erratically (insects, animals, kids..) to place themselves perfectly in the frame. I’m going to have a try a little harder to capture our ring-tailed possum in a photo.

  3. h&b

    I get that arm-hurty thing too đŸ˜‰

    Great pic !

  4. caramaena

    Awesome photo tracey! I’m sure I’d never have the patience.

  5. Vicki W

    Terrific photo! You should send this one in to Birds and Blooms magazine!

  6. Tracey Petersen

    thanks everyone!

    Vicki- I haven’t heard of birds and blooms before, so I googled it. Beautiful photography!

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