Right now we are under a tsunami warning! This is the first time that I have ever heard such a thing. We live away from the water and on high ground, so I am not in the least concerned. The media are alert and prepared for a disaster, but as likely as not it will amount to very little. Well, I certainly hope it will amount to very little.

I have finished the music quilt which will be raffled by the high school to make money for the senior music tour. Certain rude people in my family like to call it ‘band camp’ a la American Pie, but be assured, this is music tour – entirely different!

Generally I photograph my quilts inside against a wall with full flash and holding my camera. After doing some reading I took this photo outside with a tripod in natural light. I don’t think the result is any better! I’ll go back to taking them inside the house.


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7 responses to “Tsunami???

  1. stompergirl

    I remember learning about “tidal waves”, as we used to call them in the olden days, at school and being so paranoid about them that I gave myself nightmares. My Dad had to stifle laughter as he explained to me that Canberra, at 150kms inland, was not at any risk.

    Glad to see you have a more relaxed attitude. And lovely quilt.

  2. Sussanah

    Stupid media crapping on about the possible tsunami making up stuff as they went along, stressing people. They were orgasmic at the thought of a disaster, revolting!!

  3. meggie

    Wonderful quilt Tracey! Well done.
    And a good laugh at sussanah’s comment. I agree with her about the media positively slathering at the thought of a good disaster story.

  4. Molly

    News and weather has become an entertainment industry. Actual news seems to be the furthest thing from their minds. Tittilation and scare tactics are at the top of the priority heap….

  5. di

    The quilt looks great. My Mum phoned me from Mackay to tell me about the tsunami warning. When I asked where she was going…she was going to town of course (down from the valley in the safe hills)!

  6. nutmeg

    The “News” is the new reality TV – people are asked to “ring in” with their stories now! I think they need to rename it “Bad News” anyway – there is nothing on it of any other nature. I’ve stopped watching it completely – it makes me tense and angry to watch it (precisely how they want me to feel – more easily controlled that way!) Anyway enough of my News rant …

    And now to the “good news” – the quilt is great. Hope yu raise lots of money!

  7. Aunty Evil

    We were hit by a terrifying 10cm wave, which swept across the sand and destroyed everything in its wake.

    I still wake up at night crying.

    I love that quilt. Can I have it? Yes, yes, I know it’s for charity and all that, but aren’t I a charity too? They say charity begins at home, and I am at home…?

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