Please, please, please

Can you see it now???


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13 responses to “Please, please, please

  1. Molly

    Yes! Yes! Yes! And it’s gorgeous. Persistence pays off!

  2. kirsty

    Yes!!! It’s bootiful 🙂

  3. Stomper Girl

    I can, and it’s luverley. I HOPE YOU WROTE DOWN WHAT YOU DID!!!

  4. Blue Moon Girl

    I can see it! YAY! I’m so glad you got it to work!

    Sorry I didn’t ever manage to help you with it again. It has been a crazy couple of weeks!

  5. computerpeach

    yes… can see it now…

  6. Vicki W

    Yes! Yes! Too cool!

  7. Aunty Evil


    You look HOT!

  8. nutmeg

    Oh! I can’t see it!

    Only joking 😉

    It looks BLOODY wonderful (can I say that here?)

    Like Stomper says; can you write the manual on it – I’ll pay!

  9. meggie

    YAY! You have your lovely heading!

  10. Erica

    Tracey it’s gorgeous!

  11. Tracey Petersen

    Thanks everyone. I was beginning to feel like the emperor in his new clothes – only I could see them! My only other solution was going to be to let everyone read my blog on my computer.

    Nutmeg – you can curse any bloody time you like!

  12. Sussanah

    WOO HOO! Check out that funky header.

  13. My float

    Aren’t you gorgeous!!

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