This will be my new header.

My tantrum has subsided now. Upgrading blogger may be a great thing eventually, but because I didn’t choose it I reserve the right to be petty and sulky about changing for some time yet.

My sister has finished making this fantastic header for me. I am a little plump fairy with blanket stitched newspaper wings. I just love it. I am now going to attempt to use my magic wand to place my header at the top of my blog. Wish me luck!


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8 responses to “This will be my new header.

  1. nutmeg

    LOVE IT! Good luck on placing it in the header Tracey. Stomper gave me a very good description in a recent e-mail on how to do this. If you have any queries she’s your gal!

  2. Di

    Good luck tracey – isn’t it frustrating when you just can’t get a blog to do what you want! Hope all goes well.

  3. Aunty Evil

    I like the new header! I have to say, in my last night endeavour to update my blog, it was remarkably easy, much more so than I expected.

    So I feel kind of mellow at the moment towards Blogger.

    Now watch me eat my words!

  4. kirsty

    Very very gorgeous 🙂
    Had a great time this arvo. Thanks so much for the beautiful fabric and the sticky bun and taking my quilt top!!

  5. precious pink pumps

    yes, very nice banner. i will have to enlist suss to do me a spunky one. jen x

  6. meggie

    I am not very happy with Blogger at present- it gave me fonts, & colours, then snatched them all away. WTF is that about??

    Good luck with your Banner, it is fab.

  7. Stomper Girl

    It’s gorgeous. Love the “q” alliteration going on. Email me if you need instructions.

  8. Tracey Petersen

    Nutmeg – I may just need Stomper’s help!
    Thanks for your good wishes Di, I need them!
    Aunty – the change was easy, but I am not ready to be happy yet
    Kirsty – had a great time too
    Jen – you do need a poppet in beautiful pink pumps
    Meggie – don’t try to work it out, you’ll go crazy
    Stomper – thanks for noticing my nerdy alliteration

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