Thanks for your support in my issue with my son’s …

Thanks for your support in my issue with my son’s teacher. I rang the school today and spoke to her. She says that it was only a 5 minute detention. I said that did not make the humiliation any less…then I got teary…and said that he was quite anxious beginning high school. He was a very well bahaved boy and he needed a supportive environment and not a punitive one. She was very understanding. She said she will look out for him in class and make sure that he felt secure in her class.

I really didn’t mean to get teary. I meant to be steady and determined, but when it comes to my kids…I can’t hold it together sometimes. It means that she will at least know who my son is, that she has connected him to some one who cares, that she knows that he is anxious. I guess every child in her class may feel the same…but I have drawn attention to mine.

On the weekend Flo and I dyed some more fabrics. Check out this rainbow of results…

I just love the whole hand dying process. I could do it happily every day! We were trying to achieve lots of brights this time. We are hoping to make some baby quilts to sell at a market in July. We want to get started now, so that we will have plenty of stock by then.

AND>>> today I placed an order for a gammill optimum plus quilting machine!!! I am very excited about this. Those of you who are quilters will appreciate my thrill. The only downside is that it takes 8-10 weeks to ship from the US. I’m not good at waiting…I want it….now…


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13 responses to “Thanks for your support in my issue with my son’s …

  1. Vicki W

    Tracey you are going to love your quilting machine! I’ve had my APQS Millennium for about 18 months. I do not quilt for others – just myself and “Willie” is just the best toy! If you don’t know about it already, is a great on-line resource for longarmers. I love your fabrics – they look so cool all hanging on the line together! If laundry looked that good we would want to do it every day.

  2. kirsty

    Woohoo! What a toy! Now I’m getting all excited, too 🙂

  3. meggie

    O Tracey, I know how you feel! Both about your children, & also about hating to wait for something!
    I used to get unexpectedly teary about things- hated it.
    I hope your son settles down well in his new school environment.
    And I hope the time passes quickly for you with the delivery of your machine!

  4. Di

    Know exactly how you feel with your son. I too have all of a sudden become teary in an parent teacher interview or on the phone. Teachers do a wonderful job but sometimes…some teachers need to know there are loving caring mothers on the other side of these kids. Lucky you with your new toy!

  5. Molly

    OOohhh! Yummy colours…..with you on the waterworks. I guess because we’re so emotionally invested in our kids…sounds like she was reasonable. what fun to be getting that new machine!

  6. Stomper Girl

    I would have got teary too. It’s a vulnerable time when your kid starts a new thing and an experience like that would have rocked your expectations. Glad she listened.

    8 weeks for your new machine?! Agony.

  7. nutmeg

    I was the one on the verge of tears on the first day of diva’s school and I was SO fine with her going. It came up and caught me very quickly. So I know I would be the same in your sitution.

    Those colour are so vibrant – lucky babies!

    And I get the waiting thing too. I’ve been waiting for about 5 or 6 weeks for some books from the UK. Talk about snail mail. I am over looking for them in the letter box. Where are they?

  8. Erica

    Yummy colours (thinks to self: must do more dyeing very soon)!

  9. Sussanah

    ok so I am leaving a comment. apparently that is proper blog etikwetti.
    ps where’s your new header?

  10. h&b

    I am the same when it comes to people I care about, and especially with those I am raising. Don’t be afraid to show you care.

    And that fabric dying – looks divine !! I think your work is fabulous, and am mighty impressed with the process 🙂

  11. precious pink pumps

    I am excited for you. you really need to post a picture of what your new machine will look like so we can all marvel at it! Jennifer C

  12. aunty evil

    I can’t talk when I am wound up about something because I start bawling. Even when I don’t feel the need to cry, I bawl.

    Those fabric colours are just lovely!

    As for waiting, my family call me “Mrs Wanted it Yesterday” because that’s usually how long I can wait! 🙂

  13. Anonymous

    they are really great photoes of the material.

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