I am obsessed with checking the weather map. My house is literally in the middle of this image. It has been raining without stop for three days, with lots more in the week before that. Our main dam which was at just 20% capacity three weeks ago is about to overflow. My shoes are all soggy, our dogs are all muddy. the washing is piling up and everything smells musty. Weather predictions for the rest of the week are ….rain and perhaps the first cyclone of the season.


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12 responses to “SOGGY

  1. meggie

    Wow Tracey, I almost said you are lucky! Our dams down here in Sydney & Central Coast could do with some of that rain.
    But I do sympathise with the washing dilemma. Last time we had prolonged rain, I was wishing it away- though none of it benefitted our dams.
    Hope you dont get ‘rained out’.

  2. aunty evil

    I’m with Meggie, you lucky thing! That’s what clothes dryers are for, I’ll take the rain any day!

    Just think of how fresh and green and yummy everything will look after it has had a good fill of water! mmmmm

  3. Anonymous

    yep, i agree with meggie and aunt evil- the rain is great! i can’t get to work today ( a small town ~ 1 hour from townsville) given the strong possibility of some of the crossings along the way getting flooded. well, time to get startd on some genuinly enjoyable work for the day- quilting.

  4. Caitlin

    send it on down here, Tracey, we’re still bone dry!
    I hate the smell of damp after a few days – it feels like nothing will EVER be dry again. Ick. Much sympathy there.

  5. nutmeg

    I thought I was one of the few with weather map obsession! I was going to list it in my “weird things” but I thought it a little too out there. Somtimes I think I should have been a meteorologist!. When it’s raining down here I always have the BOM site open on this map watching as the rain moves across Sydney and hoping the colour will bump up into the “hot colours”!

    3 days continuous rain – I’d be in heaven. But I’d definitely need a break after that!

  6. nutmeg

    Oh bugger. Blogger ate my comment. I was saying how much I’m addicted to the rainfall weather maps! When it’s raining down here I have it up on the computer and watch it as it moves across! I was going to put it on my weird things list but I thought it was maybe a bit “out there”! I am very glad to have a fellow obsessee!

    Though, I hope you have a break in the clouds to get a little washing done 🙂

  7. kirsty

    Ha ha! My son isn’t worried about the washing and running out of clothes – he’s in TV at our house by himself and has discovered the best thing about living alone is NUDISM!!! He cracks me up!

  8. Stomper Girl

    Me too an obsessive weather map and radar watcher. But I do it when it’s stinking hot in the desperate hope that I’ll spot the cool change on the way and know the end is in sight.

    Glad the rain is falling on your catchment areas. If you’re full up could you ask it to come down Melbourne way? Via all the dry spots in NSW obviously.

  9. Tracey Petersen

    Weather checkers unite! What nerdy little lives we all lead.
    I’m not complaining about the weather and wish that I could share this rain with everyone.
    Kirsty – your son is priceless. Be sure not to drop in unannounced.
    Flo, you lucky duck. No one closed the schools today, so off I had to go!

  10. Di

    Rain, Rain…oh how I miss the rain!

  11. Jeanette

    Gday Tracy
    We could do with a little of that rain down northern Victoria its so dry.but we dont need the flooding your getting. watched it on the news down here tonight. Hope your not getting flooded out were you are. I also look on the BOm site when rain forecast to see if its comming our way. but alas seems to bypass us.

  12. vicki W

    For a minute there I thought it was the projection map of the weather we are expecting in Virginia, US this weekend! I laughed at the comment you made on my blog – I always think I don’t get enough done! I don’t get to do much besides go to work (allergy restrictions) so I do actually have a lot of time to sew. Every cloud has a silver lining I suppose!

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