Am I weird???

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments on our anniversary. I took my Pete to lunch (I surprised him by picking him up from work unannounced and didn’t return him for two hours…slow eaters). My Pete bought me a box of ‘have a heart’ ice blocks. This is a tradition that began with our first anniversary when we had no money at all. He stopped at the corner store as he walked home from the bus stop and bought me a have a heart. It made me cry at the time, so he continues to buy them for me.

Di has tagged me to say six things about myself that are weird. I am a little quirky, but never weird!

First thing: I hate silence. I always have the radio on. I love to sing loudly and I seem to use a lot of my brain space to remember the words to thousands of songs. I listen to JJJ and love alternative music.
Second thing: I hate to be categorised or pigeon holed. This makes me somewhat contrary. If every one is choosing blue, I will choose red in order to avoid being predictable. I think that I have an inner punk who loves anarchy and an inner hippy who just wants everyone to accept each other for who they are.
Third thing: I never drink hot liquids or alcohol and all of my water has to be boiled before I drink it. I don’t understand hot drinks, it just makes me feel hot on the inside and that is not pleasant. I don’t drink alcohol because I have a sarcastic, somewhat caustic, tone with about a three second delay. This means that I can actually stop myself from saying the worst of what I am thinking…this fails when alcohol is involved. Not pretty. I have boiled my water since becoming very sick with giardia some years ago, it is now just habit.
Fourth thing: I do not have a very good vestibular system. This means that I have vomited on all popular forms of transport at least once and I do not enjoy rides at the show or roller coasters. Once I became so sick while driving across a corrugated dirt road that I got out of the car and told my Pete that I would walk the rest of the way, it was about 40km. He followed me in the car for about an hour before he talked me into allowing him to drive me. He drove very carefully.
Fifth thing: I fidget and move a lot. This is probably connected to the fourth point. My body is just seeking feedback about where it is. My father was constantly cross with me for wiggling my leg under the dinner table when I was young. I don’t even realise that I am moving, it just happens and he is an impatient and cranky bugger.
Sixth thing: I don’t like to eat foods that are red. I don’t like tomato, beetroot, capsicum or chilly. I don’t eat the red snakes or jelly beans and I don’t like red cordial. I won’t eat tomato sauce. BUT that is not weird at all!

Hmm. I feel very exposed now that I have told you my oddities. It is now my job to tag others, but I won’t do that to six people. If you would like to expose your own weirdness, please do. Let me know that I can feel weird amongst others. Stomper, you are tagged though. I am reciprocating your tag to me.

I’ll leave you with a photo of new growth on the lillypilly bushes. The flowers are ordinary, but the new leaves are the most glorious hot pink colour.


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8 responses to “Am I weird???

  1. Stomper Girl

    I sympathise with the motion sickness thing, I’ve vomited on a lot of different transport and I definitely would not do a fairground ride.

    But red foods? Are you a reddist? Is it the colour or is it the individual flavours of those red foods? Have you tried them blindfold? Hilarious.

    I’ve done my meme, by the way.

  2. h&b

    MmM – I love “Have a Heart” icecream – I think it is a Blue Ribbon inner .. so creamy.. I didn’t think you could still buy them ?

    I am like you on Point 2. Being pregnant was so lovely, but I hated all the cliches, of which I never suffered. I even karate-kicked my husband in my 8th month to prove I was still limber and supple and not at all useless. I also didn’t get morning sickness or preggo-brain, and people being all cutesy about such things ( esp. MEN ) made me want to stab them with blunt knives.

    Well, that was probably a little too much info, huh ? 😉

    Red foods = yum. I l’adore tomatoes and red capsicums especially.

  3. nutmeg

    This meme is certainly doin’ the rounds. The lovely Stompergirl “asked” me to contribute and I did so accordingly. Reading yours, I sound completely, bloody certifiable; but the aversion to the red food saved my bacon.

    I wish my poor, burnt Lilly Pilly’s looked as healthy and colourful as that 🙂

  4. Tracey Petersen

    I abhor bigotry in all its forms and now it appears that I have created a new way to be a bigot. Reddism. Hmm to redeem myself, I like red cars and I have a red shirt, we discussed painting a wall red in our lounge room. I dye my hair red, but that is because of my greyism! And no, I will not try these foods in a blindfold – they’ll still be red. If a tomato falls in the forest will it still be red? YEP

    H&B – now we have to buy have a heart rip offs from the van that dings its bell in our street once a fortnight.

    Nutmeg – my problem was limiting my list to six things suitable for public consumption. My certifiable list remains confidential.

  5. Di

    Loved your list…I’m with you on the alcohol. I will have the occassional glass of bubbles but I just can’t stand the thought of loosing control of what could come out of my mouth!

  6. Stomper Girl

    Hee! I’m with you on the greyism. Grey sucks.

  7. My float

    Ah, happy anniversary. What a lovely first anniversary story.

    I’m not big on very hot things either. I can let my cup of tea sit for an hour or so before I’ll drink it.

    But red? How did you come to realise that it was red foods that you hated, as opposed to just particular foods? I guess it would be obvious after a while. DOH!

    PS. Thanks so much for your great comments. If you have any other suggestions, I’d welcome them! My email is on my home page, drop me a line whenever you like.

  8. meggie

    I have never heard of red food dislike before- tomatoes yes, but the whole red family??
    On the other hand, I am a redist when it comes to clothes- I never wear red, & couldnt live with red anything in my house decor!
    Lovely wedding pic, & congratulations on 20 years- we’ve got 41 coming up this year…but I better not count my chickens…haha.

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