It was twenty years ago today

Look at these babies. Today My Pete and I have been married for twenty years. That is astounding!! It was 36 degrees on the day that we married, can you see how hot we look! My flowers were wilted and we were sweating profusely. Never get married in January in Townsville.

We were only just 20 when we got married. We were both still at university. My Pete was beginning his third year of architecture studies and I was finished my Bachelor of Arts and beginning my Post-Grad Teaching. It wasn’t so easy financially for the first few years, but we didn’t really notice at the time.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, best decision we ever made. It all works out in the end.

AND my beautful 80’s gown and veil haven’t aged too much have they? Don’t we still love ruching, puffy sleeves, cocktail hats and asymmetry (Notice that the flowers only hang from one side of my veil.) No perm there either, people, that’s a natural curl!


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6 responses to “It was twenty years ago today

  1. Stomper Girl

    Happy Anniversary! Are you sure it’s today? I hope you are celebrating with presents and fine food that someone else cooks for you.

  2. Anonymous

    happy anniversary guys!

  3. aunty evil

    Happy anniversary! You two look gorgeous together. And, there is something very distinctive about an 80s gown, lots of tulle, fluff and puff. Lovely, really!

    MDH and I got married in January 2 years ago, and it was 34 in Sydney, plus humidity. My mother in law said “why would you choose January to get married in when it is so hot?” I responded “can you pick a day of the year, any day of the year, where weather won’t be a factor?” No more was said. 🙂

  4. h&b

    That is a stunning photo, *especially* for the 80’s.

    Compare it to the hideous Scott & Charlene pics they roll out constantly, and this is a testament to true taste !

    Congrats ! 🙂

  5. Di

    Congratulations & Happy Anniversary. I hope you have a wonderful day. Being born and bred in Mackay….I can only imagine how hot you must have been feeling 20 years ago. It’s not just the temperature…it’s the humidity that kills you. Still…it would have been a wonderful day…despite the climate!

  6. Molly

    OOhhh! Lovely pic, pretty girl, handsome guy, beautiful dress…..sigh. Hope you had a lovely time. Have enjoyed catching up on your last few posts. What a nice place to walk, and isn’t moisture wonderful?—especially when you’ve been missing it…

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