Rain and Quilts

Last night the first monsoonal rains arrived. It can just rain heavily for days in a row, but I think I can see a little sunlight just now.

We have two dogs, Thomas and Percy, who were named by our son when he was still in his train phase. They are both working dogs and keep each other busy in the yard playing tag. Percy is a little bit nervy. He likes to know where he fits within the pack. He rounds up anyone who goes into our yard. He pushes at your leg until you walk in the direction that he has chosen. He longs for a flock of sheep. When it rains he believes that it is his duty to ensure that the drips from the pot plants do not hit the ground.

He stands in complete concentration for hours watching the drips form then as they fall…

he quickly laps them up. When the drips stop forming he knocks the pot with his snout to start them off again. He will be exhausted by tonight because he will do this all day today. Does he need therapy?

I have been working on my resilience quilt. I have added some quilting and flowers.

The quilting is intersecting lines that look similar to the flower stalks. They represent the way that people’s paths cross in life. I had initially thought that there would be flower buds and flowers, but decided to make it just flower buds. Sometimes being resilient does not mean that you are blooming – just coping. The flower buds hold the promise of more, but not just yet. The lines on the flowers could be hearts breaking or the flowers emerging. It is for the viewer to decide. That would indicate a state of mind within the viewer.

It is not yet a finished quilt. There is more stitching to be added, the stalks and the flowers need detail added. I was feeling happy with it. That is, until someone said to me that it could be modified to make an Easter project because the flowers look like eggs. I will have to make them less ‘egg-like’ as I add detail!!

Finally, here is another quilt that my daughter has made. She is showing a real flair for combining patterned fabrics. This is a skill that I do not have. I look for fillers to support the patterns. I think I will buy her some Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I’m sure that she could do something really interesting with them.


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8 responses to “Rain and Quilts

  1. Gina

    Unbelievable quilts. Just gorgeous.

  2. Stomper Girl

    I saw tulips when I looked at your quilt. They are both lovely works of art.

  3. aunty evil

    I saw the eggs too. But! I saw the cracks as new life trying to hatch out of them, ready to take on the world.

    Great quilts, both of you!

    I love the story about your dog, our pets are quirky. Only today, I wrote about my “half bowl” cat, so I can relate. I don’t think they need therapy, I think that they have their own little weird bits like we all do.

  4. Sue B

    Aren’t dogs the best even at their quirkiest?!

    Love that tulip quilt, such great colors in that.

  5. Tracey Petersen

    Aunty, I like your interpretation. Maybe I put too much thought into what I do and should let the viewer to interpret what they see. When I view art I like to know what was on the mind of the artist, so I say what was on my mind. That doesn’t mean that there can’t be other interpretations.
    Sue B, Thanks. My friend and I hand-dyed the fabrics in this quilt. It was out first attempt at dying and we were delighted with the results.

  6. Molly

    How interesting that you have pot plants in your garden. I guess Australia is more liberal….[tic].Percy is a cutie, and so conscientious! So those fabrics are hand dyed? That must be why this resilience quilt of yours appeals to me so much…..and Kaffee Fassett’s fabrics? I’m not sure if I love them or hate them. Have some in my stash. Haven’t actually used them in anything yet….

  7. Tracey Petersen

    What do you call plants that hang in pots, Molly? (said with quizzical innocence)I love the look of Kaffe Fassett’s work, but know that I cannot reproduce it. I think that my daughter’s love of heavy patterns might allow her to make use of his fabrics.

  8. nutmeg

    The story and pictures of your dog(s) tickled me. I KNOW the train phase (as I sit here typing away with Thomas playing on DVD to daughter #2!)

    I saw your quilt had flowers straight away. But it is always interesting to “see” things through other people’s eyes though. Both quilts are absolutely beautiful.

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