This giant shoe

belongs on these enormous (and very flat) feet.

Today my Pete took our son shopping for shoes for the new school year. These size 9 and a half monsters are the result of their expedition. He now officially has the biggest feet in our house, bigger than both of his parents. HE IS TWELVE!! He is not even a fully-fledged teenager.

This year our son has grown more than ten centimetres (4 inches) in height. He has suffered with very sore tendons in his legs due to his rapid growth. The shoes that he bought today are two sizes bigger than those that he bought this time last year. His hands are longer than mine, but not yet as big as his dad’s.

He still weighs around 38 kilograms, so he looks like a bean. His ribs and spine show through his shirts. This is not through lack of eating! He is just growing too fast for his calorie intake. We assume that he will slow down and fill out eventually. No wonder teenagers become sedentary and want to sleep all the time. His growth rate right now is almost that of an infant. There were a couple of occasions last year when I was called to pick him up from school due to illness. When I got him home he just slept. He needed time to catch up with his own body.

My sister says that he reminds her of Shaggy from the Scooby-Doo gang. He has long hair, he is gangly, he lopes along and is a bit of a dag. Thankfully he is a little bit brighter than poor old Shaggy, who never seems to get it.


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4 responses to “Enormous

  1. Stomper Girl

    I’ve got one of those big-foot-boys too. I had this day-dream about treasuring his first pair of baby-sized tap shoes but I think he had size 12 feet at age 4. We’re putting money aside now so we can afford his teenage shoes.

    Your poor son, getting so tired from growing!

  2. Tracey Petersen

    I have some tiny tap shoes from when my daughter started. She didn’t ever grow like our son has grown. She has maintained a sensible, consistent pace of growth which was not exhausting. Our son has rather surprised us with his rapid growth. It says something about their personalities too! She is organised and he leaves everything until the last minute.

  3. Surfing Free

    WoW! He grew 10cms!!??? My Dad was 6’4″ when he started high school at 13. His class photos are hilarious – he’s taller than the teacher. He stopped growing at 6’6″.

  4. My float

    Wow, that’s amazing growth! You must be feeding him plenty of nutri-grain!

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