A New Year

Well, welcome to 2007! There was a time in my life when each new year was a shock, but now time seems to be going so quickly that I am noticing the decades more!

Last night we enjoyed over an hour of heavy tropical rain. We were just about to head off to see the fireworks when it started, a quick check of the weather radar was enough to make us stay home. (Obviously the spirit of adventure does not dwell in this house!) Today there are still a few puddles around.

Today everything is fresh and clean, and humid and hot!

I spent ages today trying to take a photo of a big, beautiful Ulysses Butterfly as it flew through our yard. Unfortunately they fly quickly and rather eratically and I am not that good a photographer. We planted lots of Euodia trees in our yard. These trees attract the butterflies and are the host plant for the caterpillars. They are in flower at the moment and, as you can see the blossom also attracts the lorikeets.

The beginning of a new year is traditionally a time to make resolutions. I don’t like to do this, it just provides with me with ways to be a failure! Instead I prefer to look back at the year that has past and reflect on it, learn from it and consider how I might proceed into the new year.

2006…I really loved 2006! I took a year away from my teaching job and stayed home to be a quilter. This was a risk for me, a scary risk which caused a few mini-meltdowns early in the piece. These are the things that I learnt about myself
* I can succeed as a quilter – my ideas and my skills are good enough
* I need a deadline to kick me along sometimes – the freedom of time at home does not always make me more productive
* I like company – a year alone always sounded so appealing, but I am pretty boring company! Thank you blogging for becoming a surrogate social group
* I adore my husband – he has done everything he possibly could to make this year possible for me. He pins up my quilts, he follows me around cleaning up the messes that I leave behind, he ferries children, cooks food and hangs out washing (he doesn’t like ironing or toilet cleaning though) Oh, and he will talk to me on the phone three or four times in a day when I am craving human company.
* I am messy – it comes with creativity
* I have raised completely independent children – these guys are amazing
* I can just say thank you when someone offers me kind words about my work – I am in the habit of immediately pointing out all the faults or problems with my work when someone compliments my work. I am consciously stopping this habit

My childhood conditioning says that I am never quite good enough. Why is it that even though I am many years beyond my childhood this can colour my every thought. This year I have shown myself that I can succeed. Now I just need to believe in myself enough to allow myself to continue like this – not get scared and run away.

Sorry…that was deep. I guess it is the time of the year for personal reflection. I hope that when you look at your year you will like the person you see. I am pretty damn happy with where I am right now. I would be happy anywhere so long as I had my Pete with me!!


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6 responses to “A New Year

  1. Stomper Girl

    Happy New Year Tracey. Well done on the bravery of your lifestyle choice and for having such a supportive family.
    I’m glad you are putting a conscious stop to belittling the compliments people give you. I read somewhere that the best response is just to thank the complimenter, so that’s my policy now (when I remember…).

  2. aunty evil

    I am like you, I feel the need to point out the faults. But one thing I started to notice, is that the complimenter tends to drift away, like we are giving them the hard sell or something. As Stomper said, just saying Thank You makes everyone feel good.

    And GOOD ON YOU for liking your life and what you are and have. That in itself is such a great achievement!

  3. kirsty

    Oh yeah… I think lots of us can relate to that one! I need my Pete, too 🙂 Happy New Year! (see you at the end of Feb?)

  4. Tracey Petersen

    Thank you ladies. (See I have learnt)

  5. h&b

    I love the way the light is shining on that shed.

    Is it an orange shed, or is it the light ? It looks beautiful

  6. Tracey Petersen

    Shed is orange! It’s the same colour as the colorbond roof on our house. My Pete is delighted that you love it – he does too because he built it.

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