Work in Progress and Helpful Husbands

I recently bought the blue and green fabrics in the new Nancy Halvorsen range, Angels Among Us. I love these colours. I have made 4 inch half square triangles, using the fabrics randomly, and cut 4 inch squares. This random layout that you see here took me about two hours to arrange. It reminds me of under the sea. The diagonal lines are the light penetrating the water. My husband listened to this, nodded and asked “So why is the sunlight coming from two different directions?”

So the blocks are still laying on the floor while I ponder whether I will change the diagonals to run in the same direction or just take ‘artistic liscence’.

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One response to “Work in Progress and Helpful Husbands

  1. Caitlin

    I really like the shimmering quality, I think it captures the way that light does get distorted under the water.

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