One Joy

This is the quilt that I entered into the Down Under Quilts 100 competition. The theme was, of course, one hundred. I thought long and hard about what one hundred meant to me, but…nothing. So eventually I went to a quotations website and typed hundred as my search word. I found a Chinese proverb which said, One joy will shatter one hundred sorrows. Isn’t that fantastic! It made me think about how a hug from a tiny person in your life makes all you worries melt.

I used one hundred four inch squares to represent the sorrows. They are black in a range of textural fabrics – suede, organza, tafetta, silk, satin and polyester. The enormous flower represents one joy and the dimensional butterflies – organza on netting – are spreading the joy.

Yesterday the quilt arrived home. It wasn’t a winner in the competition. Tomorrow is my mother-in-law’s birthday. She genuinely admired this quilt when I was making it. The timing of its arrival means that this will be a birthday gift for her! Saves me facing the shopping centres!

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  1. Dianna in Maui

    Wow, what a great use of the word for your theme. You interpreted it beautifully. I’m sorry it didn’t win.

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