Craft Show

This week from Thursday through to Sunday is our craft show. It is supposed to serve as the craft show for the whole region – North Queensland, but this year it is disappointing. I am sorry to say that it has not been well organised or advertised. Lots of ladies didn’t even know it was on until just days ago. That is not enough time for ladies in remote centres to organise a trip to Townsville. It is very small – about half the size of previous years. I hope that it won’t be the last craft show in our area. There is already talk of a break away group organising their own show. I guess time will tell.

I am running one workshop and one demonstration each day. My workshop is making a postcard using christmas images printed onto fabric with lots of lace and button embellishments. It is a nice marriage between fibre arts and scrapbooking, as we are making a fabric collage. Below is a photo of my ladies working hard today.

Don’t you love that moment in a workshop when everyone is so immersed in their creativity that a silence descends on the group! Look at the focus on all of these faces. This is really my whole workshop room. It was supposed to hold twenty people! I wouldn’t like to be squeezed in there with nineteen others!

My demonstration each day has been of quilt as you go techniques. I have been making up a ‘mock quilt’ with tiny blocks and a border each day. I use it to demonstrate free machine quilting. Each day I have had a full house – about thirty ladies. I have received lots of positive feedback, which makes it all worthwhile!

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