Border of the Month

I had to finish my quilting fast today so that I could get to my Border of the Month pattern for Sails by the Sea.

I spent far too long on photoshop trying to get my page set up just right. It was worth it though. I think it looks pretty darn good! Each page has a blue sea like section at the bottom, with an overlaid ship’s wheel and fish. These were cut out from the photo…very time consuming. I am adding little pieces of interesting, but probably useless information, to each page of the pattern.

Now that I have the page layout and month one completed it shouldn’t take me too long to finish the rest of the pattern…should it?

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One response to “Border of the Month

  1. Robyn Pearce

    Presentation is 9/10 of the sales appeal. While you have spent alot of time on your page layout it is worth it in the end because your BOM will stand out above the rest. I love the little bits of information that you have added to the BOM. Again this is something unique. Great work Tracey.
    From Robyn

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